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Message from Richard

Posted on August 10, 2017 at 7:00 PM

For a variety of reasons the new Skids album has been put back to January 2018. I’m more than aware that all of you who took the time to make a pledge will be disappointed by this news.


Let me try and explain why this happened. When we set out to do a few gigs to celebrate our 40th Anniversary we had no intention of making new music or touring extensively. The initial idea was to do one or two nights in Scotland. Our friends in the rest of the country complained that they never got the chance to see the band and why did we not do a few more dates elsewhere.

So, we listened and thought it through – and after we put the word out – we were suddenly offered a series of dates that quickly became a tour.

I was worried that we would become part of the nostalgia-heritage trail industry that so many bands from our era had fallen into. It needs to be more than that to make it credible for me – it could never be about exploiting a loyal fan base. I wanted it to feel fresh like it did in the early days of The Skids. I wanted most of all for it to have some relevance to what was going on in the world around us.

Coincidentally I was speaking to the producer, Youth from Killing Joke, who suggested we try writing some material together in the style of The Skids but with a contemporary twist. And so it began – suddenly after all these years we were back in the studio working with an amazing producer co-writing new material. Within a few weeks we realised we had something special on our hands. The music was ferocious and the lyrics reflected the insanity of the times we live in. It sounded and felt like The Skids right at the beginning our journey but with Youth’s sound guiding the songs into a sonic boom we never imagined we could have achieved.

We embraced the PledgeMusic model and asked our friends, you, to support this new route we had chosen to follow. The end result is in my opinion some of the best music I have ever been involved with. The band are on fire!

And this is the dilemma we faced. Do we release it now on our own No Bad label and send out the CD’s and Vinyl to you now or do we wait until we can find a distributor who can create a strategy that will give this recording a chance to be heard in a wider context. I hope you agree that if it is as good as Im saying it then why not push it out there, be relevant, play more dates, have something to say and say it with pride and

But what about you, the friends who believed in us from the beginning. Why should you wait any longer. After all you have in many ways paid for the album to be made – the recording and the mastering. You took the gamble – you believed in us. I’m more than aware of this and have been duly thankful for your patience but it doesn’t feel fair – I totally get that.

My suggestion is this: We will record a variety of material from our acoustic sessions in the next month and will pick a few of the best versions of our best songs and release them to you and you only immediately as a free download. The CD of Burning Cities will eventually come your way, signed as promised in January and I hope you will agree that it was worth the wait.

The Acoustic Sessions:

We recently participated in charity gig in Dunfermline. It was an amazing evening in front of an invited audience where we played acoustic version of The Saints are Coming, Into the Valley, Hurry on Boys, Charles and A World on Fire amongst many others.

I’m absolutely certain that you will not be disappointed by this and I hope that you will take it as a mark of our respect for you and for our new music that we want to make this happen. The other positive thing to take from this is that if you enjoyed the Skids in 2017 then you are certain to engage with our plans for 2018 when will tour the new material and start a new chapter in the bands story.

Best wishes

Richard Jobson

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