Betrothed & Divine Exhibition

Posted on August 8, 2021 at 6:15 AM

SKIDS fans should step into the Fire Station Creative this week for an upcoming exhibition.


Richard Jobson, the frontman of the legendary Dunfermline band, has written a book on the story of the Skids and has collaborated with Dunfermline-raised illustrator Jonny Hannah.


Hannah is looking forward to getting his "messy painting jacket" on for a display of illustrations which will feature in the book and his artwork will go on show in Dunfermline next week ahead of the books' release later in the month.


Speaking ahead of the show, entitled Betrothed and Divine (the second line in Skids classic Into the Valley), at the contemporary arts hub, Hannah said: "I'm really excited about it all. A collaboration with another Fifer, using his words as inspiration.


"I'm going to have to do some of it in situ, so I'm looking forward to getting my messy painting jacket on and getting to work.”


Hannah, who now lives in Southampton, has worked with Jobson before, and both maintain a strong connection to the town having previously taken part in a group show together.


“If you grew up in Dunfermline and didn’t listen to the Skids, that would be quite unusual," Hannah remarked.


"I’m drawing pictures to accompany my favourite songs. It’s bliss."


Jobson's book, The Story of the Skids, will launch at the same venue on Thursday, August 19, and he is delighted to be working with Hannah once more.


He describes the collaboration as a "fresh pair of eyes to the story of the Skids," and added: "I love Jonny’s work, he has a strong musical influence in his unique take on life.


"The anecdotal approach (to the book) is new and suits Jonny’s style.


"I think people will see both the fun and serious side of the band.”


The exhibition will run from August 5-29 and entry is free.


The gallery is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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