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The Speed of Life

Two beautiful time-travelling aliens arrive on Earth, drawn by a powerful need to search for the meaning of human creativity, to discover the truth behind the words, music and changing faces of David Bowie, whose music has reached their world and sparked something new in them.

In their quest to understand Bowie's work, they are exposed to a world of self-destruction and loneliness as they travel through time to key moments in his life. From Ziggy's Heddon Street, Brixton and Hammersmith in London, to Doheny Drive, and the Mojave Desert outside Los Angeles filming The Man Who Fell to Earth, to the austere beauty and creative flowering of Berlin and finally New York, their travels show them the beauty and the horror of the modern world and introduce them to the humanity's greatest quality, love.

Part pop-culture sci-fi thriller, part love letter to David Bowie, The Speed of Life is both an examination of the intangible relationship between creator and fan, the loved and the lovers, and a quiet meditation on the inexplicable power of music.

Into The Valley

Into The Valley is available from the merchandise stall at upcoming shows.

To purchase Into The Valley online, please CLICK HERE