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New Album Announcement - Get Ready!

We are happy to announce work has started on a new album of original material which we intend to have ready for release by the end of the year.

Collaborating with incredible artists like Youth, Hugh Cornwall and Martin Metcalfe - all fans of the band - we already have a wonderful collection of Skids songs.

Creativity born from friendship and respect lies at the heart of this new album which we think will be one of our finest recordings.

Hopefully we will release a teaser before Easter which will set the tone for where we are headed on another new adventure.

People change but the heart and the energy that drives the band remains stronger than ever before as we look forward to a new chapter in the bands ongoing history.

Holy to the High !

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Scared to Dance the debut lp from Scotland's Skids, will be re-released by Past Night From Glasgow in mid 2022. Estimated Ship Date is May/June 2022

In addition to featuring a remastered version of the original album a second LP of bonus tracks will be included making this the definitive vinyl version of Scotland's definitive punk album.

This record may have been recorded over 40 years ago but the songs resonate as much, if not more, today.

Featuring the glorious "Into The Valley" and "The Saints Are Coming" the album will be available in a number of different coloured vinyl variations. 

LNFG Members and Skids Fans can use discount code : Skids15 to save 15%

The bonus tracks will be :

Charles (Single Version)


Test Tube Babies

Sweet Suburbia

Open Sound

Night And Day


T.V. Stars (Live)